Al-Dibaji: We continue our search for common denominators between religions

Date : 17/04/2023
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The Secretary-General of the International Commission for Islamic Jurisprudence, Allama Abu al-Qasim al-Dibaji, affirmed the commission’s tireless endeavor, since its inception, to bring together the views of people of different religions, based on the divine call, “Come to a common word between us and you,” pointing out that the commission is trying, through the conferences it organizes and participates in, to reach Points common to all mankind and work to remove the ossified ideas of the enemies of moderate Islam that divide and do not unite.
Al-Dibaji pointed out, in a special statement to Al-Rai, that the authority, in cooperation with the rest of the international religious organizations of various religions, succeeded in reaching common rules that establish humanitarian foundations that everyone agrees on, based on the rule: “People are of two types: either your brother in religion or your equal.” In Creation», pointing out that about two months before the commission participated in the signing of a global document in Rome calling for peaceful coexistence and an end to destructive conflicts and wars, in the presence of 15 representatives of different religions and religious philosophies.
He pointed out that the conferees were keen, during their signing of the document, to search for common denominators that would benefit mankind and humanity as a whole and strengthen the religious, doctrinal and philosophical base that was outlined by the Commander of the Faithful Ali bin Abi Talib, may God’s peace be upon him, by saying: “People are of two types, either your brother in religion or equal to you in creation.
And he indicated that the commission is preparing to participate soon in a global conference on religions in Berlin, with the aim of consolidating its principles for which it was established, which is to bridge the views of the people of different religions and reach results that serve humanity and limit conflicts between different countries, pointing to the high pace of despair among Muslim youth. And the search for moderate Islam far from extremism.
He explained that the Commission is considering reorganizing a joint conference between it and the head of the Iraqi Scholars Group on the land of Kuwait, which the Almighty God blesses with security and safety, and this is a realistic embodiment of the calls that call for a rapprochement of views between the different Islamic schools of thought.
He stated that part of the document that was signed states the following: “We are at the crossroads of either being the generation that lets the planet and humanity die, the generation that accumulates weapons and trades them and lives under the illusion of being able to save ourselves against others, or we are the generation that creates A means of coexistence that does not invest in weapons and abolishes war as a means of resolving conflicts and stops the overexploitation of planetary resources, we believers must work for peace in every possible way, it is our duty to help disarm and call for reconciliation among peoples, unfortunately even among us in some Sometimes we are divided because of the abuse of God's sacred sanctity:We humbly ask for forgiveness, religions are a great source of peace and must remain so, peace is sacred, war can never be sacred, humanity must end wars, otherwise war will end humanity, the world is our common home and it does not only belong to us alone, but also to future generations, so Let us get rid of the nuclear nightmare and immediately reopen a serious dialogue on nuclear non-proliferation and the dismantling of nuclear weapons, so that we can start again the dialogue that is an effective medicine for the interest of peoples, and finally let us invest in every possible path for dialogue and peace.

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